Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Week So Far

Wednesday again! The week has flown by again, but what a productive week it's been!

Monday was Martin Luther King Day, so SportsBoy did not have school. SuperKid saw that on the calendar Sunday night and immediately insisted that he should have the day off, too! Truthfully, we need the routine and the discipline more than we need the vacation day right now so that suggestion was filed for another time. SuperKid began Monday with a two-hour session with his tutor, followed by a martial arts lesson, study time with me (including acing his History test and researching and writing his entire speech about Norway for Classical Conversations), some play time, piano practice, a tennis lesson and then a group martial arts fitness class. A big day and he had a grin on his face the entire time! He told me he was proud of everything he got accomplished, especially finishing his speech. He did it in a few blocks of time so he didn't get frustrated, and I could see he was happy not to have it hanging over his head until Tuesday.

Tuesday SK's tutor and I met with the advisor assigned to our family by the company that provides the tutoring (he is on the Autism Scholarship Program, which pays for his tutor four hours a week). She was impressed with his progress. I do think she tends to be impressed fairly easily, but I have to say that it is nice to sit down and really acknowledge the progress that SK has made in the past 3 months. It's also good to see where the progress is a bit stagnant so we can plan to revisit a topic or think about approaching it another way.

Today we had Classical Conversations followed by a 2-hour field trip about stars and planets at the area metroparks with the homeschool cub scout pack. It was a great class! The best part was the temporary planetarium. We all squeezed in and looked at various depictions of some of the more famous constellations while listening to an interesting mix of science interixed with mythology. Very fun!

The only downside to this week has been that I have not gotten in much exercise. I did go to a body sculpting class on Monday, but yesterday all I did was run two  miles (I haven't run in almost a year because it was hurting my knees and hips - so I wanted to start off small just to see how I felt). Today - nothing. Ugh - my body doesn't like it when I don't get exercise - I feel tired and sluggish in a bad way and I will soon start to get cranky - uh oh! :-) Tomorrow - back on track!

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